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Gina Marie owner and founder of Brooke Wilder is a passionate creative at heart, a story-teller and a visionary.  She exemplifies the essence of the like-minded souls she draws into her community. Cultivating collaboration, creativity and a conscious eco system, Gina works with local students, emerging designers, makers, sewers and artists by giving hands on training, education, shared knowledge and experiences. Her passions and philosophies are expressed through her craft each day whether it be in the studio, creative-collaborations or one of her fashion inspired events. A bold and empowered woman whose vision is to further equip all women with the courage to be free – to shine their truest selves. Through Gina’s work, she has created an incredible brand that not only supports her creative purpose and aspirations but also those of many designers and makers around her.


Brooke Wilder is the embodiment of our awakening in our empowered strength, beauty and gifts as women, as humans. She represents life giving waters nourishing, refreshing and enriching to all she encounters and Wilder in its oldest form expresses her heart for travel, adventure, experience, knowledge and growth. She dives in, takes in hand and shows the world what beauty lies within and what is yet possible. She is inspired by and inspires all she encounters in life.

Brooke’s conversation caters to a clientele who is strong and secure in their own voice, essence and authenticity. A harmonized balance of masculine and feminine, a bold woman who embraces her power and lets it shine for the world to see. Brooke’s community of women are playful, artful, audacious, modern, sexy, romantic, joyful, free spirited, confident, magnetic, self-assured and plays with the diversity of her own personality.


Handmade in “Brooke’s” local Atelier in Charleston’s West Ashley community, the label’s aesthetic is natural, dramatic and romantic with a splash of whimsy. Brooke Wilder is a line of bespoke women’s clothing and is set apart by its dedicated materials, processes and methods. Utilizing natural, repurposed, deadstock, organic and/or eco conscious fabrics, in house hand-dyeing with non-toxic botanicals, and hand sewing traditions & details contribute to the unique voice.

Our design philosophy encompasses a natural elegance mixing simplicity, artisan qualities, colors, prints, textures and fabrications. The collections of Brooke Wilder reference the clarity and sophistication of historic, vintage designs blended with modern inspirations from around the world to create a brand that will travel with a woman throughout her life.

In the Atelier, a slow fashion process and practice is implemented.  From design to inception, eco conscious and ethical ideals are at the forefront.  Each original concept is imagined and designed in house by owner, artist, designer, Gina Marie. Community and collaboration are key to the Brooke Wilder brand.  

After concept finalization, garments are sample draped and/or patterned in house, with grading and duplication outsourced to our West Coast pattern maker Carla Renee Couture. Once the concept, pattern and fabric are established, we then go into in house production. Hand dyeing processes are then implemented to create colors and patterns for specific looks in the collections. All garments are then hand cut, hand and/or machine sewn.  Finishing and detailing work is completed and voila, a signature Brooke Wilder creation is ready to meet the world.


To discover and live from a place of authentic essence, style and a voice of empowered freedom.

Balance and harmony come from embracing light and dark, feminine and masculine…perfect imperfection.

Brooke’s Slow Fashion Methodology:

We strive always to do no harm.  Ethically, ecologically, physically, emotionally or spiritually, Brooke is about a regenerative, circular, flowing ecosystem.  This is accomplished by the following:

Natural, organic and/or eco-friendly fabrics and fabrication methods are used in all of our products and service.  This includes rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed clothing.

We recycle, compost organic wastes, and recycle or donate our textile scraps whenever possible. Zero waste is our goal.

To further our No Harm agenda, we seek to achieve fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain. We partner with suppliers who share a common vision of ethical and ecological responsibility, accountability and transparency.

To keep our supply chain as healthful as possible, we make sure our suppliers take social and environmental standards seriously. By sourcing locally when possible, and screening all of our suppliers, we minimize environmental impacts and ensure there’s no unfair or unsafe labor that goes into making our clothes.

Brooke is serious about natural resource preservation and protection, thus nontoxic, natural and botanical dyeing is produced in house in small batches reducing environmental impact substantially.  Hand dyed garments can manage and reduce water consumption greatly and waste is nontoxic and often helpful in some of our garden spaces. When we purchase natural and/or organic fabrics, we choose products that hold to our non-toxic, healthy mindset.  

To reduce land fill and waste we utilize rescued deadstock, repurposed, vintage, antique and found clothing, fabrics, notions, office and production supplies, etc.  We utilize true reuse and recycling principles even where our packaging is concerned with repurposed shopping bags, biodegrading labels and vintage pattern paper for our wrapping tissue paper.

We do not use animal skins, pelts or furs unless it is rescued waste.  There is nothing more tragic than taking the life of a living creature and wasting the gift of its being.  The more we reuse and recycle products such as these, the fewer animals will have to suffer for the desires of man.

Check out The Atelier for a peak into our what we do.