In addition to our blog, in the past year Brooke Wilder produced two Charleston fashion events, Off Runway, for local, Southern, and eco conscious minded business’, designers and artists.  Each event helped to raise funds and awareness for our two partner charities Thrive SC and Redux Contemporary Art Center.  Both working to expand and broaden the lives of peoples throughout the Charleston area.  The images within are fashions created by students from Charleston’s School of the ArtsAshley Hall girls school and graduates from Charleston’s AI (now closed) Jada Wages and Ariamna Squitieri.  Photographs are by the up and coming Kayla Boshard, @ParticularPhotographySC.

I’ll be sharing more about these events and the like throughout other categories and blog posts over the next month or so…as I get caught up with everything!

Becoming known…is the definition for our category title, Emergence.  Throughout Charleston, the Southern US…all over the globe…new designers, artists, maker, creators, musicians and the like are emerging into our realities.

As an emerging brand myself, I personally know the challenges of finding and expanding opportunities, contacts and support.  A part of the Brooke Wilder soul statement is to help others find their voices and to express their unique style and essence…to shine like the bright stars they are.

In Emergence, we are giving a platform, voice and stage to up and coming, start up and student designers, artisans of all types, entrepreneurs, ventures, etc…putting a spot light on amazing souls with so much to offer.

Until we meet again…gaze at some stars!  “Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen.  They shine because they are stars.”  Alexander Den Heijer