So, of course we have to have a book club as part of our Wilder experience.  Think of it as our version of Oprah’s book club but geared for our Tribe.  Our range of books recommended will be broad and varied but will sit within the heart of who Brooke is…art, poetry, esoteric spirituality, fiction, exploration, design, fashion, fantasy, fantastical, out of the box, inspirational people, places and ideals, new ways of thinking and living, conscious living, economy and entrepreneurial adventures.

I’m a reader.  I love stories, books, Nooks, Kindles, magazines, blogs…any form of reading and I’m in.  My libraries, physical and virtual, range from hot and steamy romance to philosophy and science, spirituality and religion to fashion and style, cooking, healthy living and beauty to fantasy and sci fi.  Every now and then you’ll find me reading an inspirational biography, or a historical novel might find it’s way in to my repertoire.

In our BrookeShelves blog section every month I will share books I’m reading, books I’m planning on reading and books others are reading.  I’ll share the why’s, the what’s the who’s and where’s including readers, characters, settings, loves, hates and the like.

Once every three months I will recommend a book to read.  It will either be amongst my choices or selected from a growing list of offerings by our club members.  On the last week of the second month we will plan an on-line meet via ooVoo to discuss the book, fashion, art, whatever trips our fancy.  Be sure to bring your favorite beverage and snacks and an appetite for conversation.  When possible, we will meet up in person and hold our on-line call together and enjoy a nice afternoon/evening out.  If you’re interested in getting involved, you can join our public group on Facebook @BrookeClub.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

Until we meet again…enjoy a bit of magic!  “Books are uniquely portable magic.”  Stephen King