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“She walked in shadows believing she didn’t deserve the sunshine that was only a step away.” Leo Christopher


In Brooke’s Shadows collection, we are playing with light, dark, shape, creating negative space, movement…we are finding shadows and embracing all that they are.  Shadows is about exposing light to what is hidden, allowing freedom and expansion.  Sensual lines, graceful, romantic silhouettes and dramatic shapes evoke the shadows living within and around us throughout our journey in this world.  Our organic fabrics and non toxic dyes elude to a natural luxury, a love of self, of place, of other.  In our Shadows collection we encourage souls to “Tear off the mask”…embrace light and shadow for…”Your face is {you are}  glorious.” Rumi


“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.” Carl Jung


Full collection coming soon.