The shift?  What are you shifting?  For a long time, I thought I could shift people’s minds, perspectives, ideologies…beliefs.  We live in a world where we “believe” life is full of fear, anger, violence, greed, power struggles, destruction, danger, sadness, emptiness, loneliness and so many destructive ism’s like sexism, racism, classism, nationalism, etc.  And yes, maybe all this is “real” and maybe, it is all about perspective and focus.  We’ll save this heady conversation for another time.  I personally know how much beauty, love, joy and light there is in the world and how much more we (I) am capable of.  I’ve grown and shifted so much in recent times (another conversation topic for later) I wanted to help others do the same thing.  Conversations, information offerings, people to listen to, videos to watch, examples of amazing moments of magic, I wanted everyone to get it.  Now!  Not later, now.  I wanted everyone to believe what I had experienced and to change.  And I was going to get the change no matter how I had to force it…

And there in lies our biggest struggle today, for me, and the world over (imho), is we are all trying to force things to stay the same or to change in the way we (I) want.  Ever tried to fit a round peg into a square hole?  How about make a kid do something you didn’t want them to do?  Ever see a donkey forced to do something it didn’t want to do?  It seldom works, and if it does, in the end, someone is rather less than happy!!!

What I have found, or remembered (more topic of conversation), as Mahatma Ghandi so famously quipped, your best course of action is to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”  I’ve always loved this quote, but never really quite understood his meaning down to the core of it.  Which is actually quite simple when you think about it…he doesn’t say be the change and cram it down others throats, or be the change and manipulate and humiliate people into changing, or be the change and guilt the world into capitulation.  It simply means “be the change”, show them another way and allow them to find their way to “be the change”.

I guess the way I see it, change, well that’s love.  Allowing people the freedom to change or not change…that, is true love.  Whatever state they are in, is the state they are meant to be in at the moment they are in it…because it is helping them to remember who they are and to shine that amazing light out into the world in its most glorious form.

So…the shift for me (and Brooke…we’ll discuss this in our Essence section), is about sharing with the world the creation that is Brooke Wilder, Off Runway and this blog, The Wilder Side.  This is my journey, how my heart and soul is adventuring in this dream world I have created…all that I learn, all that I know, all that I create and all that I love is expressed through my art and my words for the world to see…so maybe, along the way, a spark might be ignited in the heart of another and The Shift of the beautiful world my heart knows will spread and grow and become “reality” for all!

Until we meet again…look on the world with a child like awe!  “The most beautiful world is always entered through the imagination”  Helen Keller