Okay, so I have a bit of an obsession.  I love skin care products.  I love make up.  I love perfume.  I love the feels, the textures, the smells of beauty products … okay, maybe not the beauty counters in Macy’s or Dillards or other big retailers … they give me a headache.  But put me in a specialty beauty boutique, local artisans market or a designer store with signature fragrances and offerings, add in someone who cares about my skin as much as I do, about what they offering and the impact they are making … bring on the credit cards baby.  I’m smelling, touching, trying, opening, spraying … forget it, there isn’t a bare spot of skin that hasn’t explored all the amazing creations.  I’ve tried all ranges of products from all manner of producers and makers … with much success, I have beautiful skin.  Sure there’s stuff I tried that ended up in the trash … but in general, I’ve had some great experiences with most of my selections.

When I started to learn about healthful regenerative beauty, I began to be more selective of the choices I was making.  It is not for me to vilify nor to slander, for all things have their place and time, but let me say, I, personally, prefer not to put chemical laden products neither in my body nor on it.  I care about my body and one of my largest organs is my skin.  What I feed my skin, also feeds my blood, my cells and in the end all my other organs … and loving one, means loving all.

For the longest time, finding healthy skin care products was very limited … on line or health food stores like Earth Faire, Whole Foods, etc or you could go the make your own route, but that was never my jam.  But as the healthful living economy in Charleston, the world over, continues to grow, the options are now plentiful.  Here are a few of my favorites and why;

A keynote speaker at Low Country Local First’s annual Good Business Summit a year or so ago was Rose Marie Swift.  I remember when she walked onto the stage; she had this easy, natural elegance to her.  Simple, clean … and her make up and brand hold those qualities.  RMS Beauty make up is not only clean, and made from healthy, raw, organic, food grade ingredients offering skin care optimization in your make up application, it offers gorgeous colors and products for multi use simplification.  Nothing ever feels heavy, cakey, flakey or drying … as a matter of fact, the total opposite … when I put on my RMS products, my skin glows, shimmers and shines … it enhances and highlights rather than covers and masks.  I ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel like myself when I put on my RMS.  My personal favorites are;

The “Un” Cover Up (my shade is 00) it is a lightweight foundation and concealer that covers dark circles or blemishes while never feeling dry, matted, or heavy.  Made with ingredients like coconut oil, castor seed oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil, and rosemary, this concealer highlights, enhances and glows … truly radiant.  I don’t use a lot of foundation, I primarily use the “Un” Cover Up for any under eye issues I might be having or the occasionally blotchy, red spot or blemish.

If I want a bit more coverage for a “look”, I’ll brush on a bit of the “Un” Powder.  I’ve tried a lot of powders finding none that didn’t make my skin feel weathered and aged … until I found the “Un” Powder.  My shade is the 0-1, I’m very fair skinned … lots of freckles … and with the “Un” Powder, I can get a light coverage for a impromptu meeting or photo shoot without hiding those glorious freckles or feeling too done up.  Talc free (y’all should do some reading on this if you haven’t heard all the hype on the adverse affects of Talc) and full of light reflecting minerals, the “Un” Power has “a hint of color that helps minimize the appearance of pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil.”  This stuff is absolutely amazing.   When I feel like a full face fits the occasion, the “Un” Cover Up along with the “Un” Powder makes for the perfect finished look without looking like I have someone else face speckled onto my own.  It’s all me, totally enhanced!.

Sure, I use color, I love color.  Right now, I’m all about subtle and highlights … think more rosy and glowing than bold and dramatic.  Remember those multi functional uses I mentioned earlier, this is where they come in … and it sure is fun to play.  Caveat to this disclaimer, I was able to try the product on in the store, so unless you have the opportunity to do so, the colors may be a bit deceiving online.  For instance, I’m currently playing with the Lip2Cheek Illusive.  Online, it has a much more Russet tone to it than in person.  On, it offers a deep rosey glow, a true deep natural blush.  I apply a few light dabs to the apples of my cheeks, a swish over the bridge of my nose, just under my brow and the tip of my can and my face has this … “I just got totally toe curling kissed”… kind of look … a little to the lips only adds to the just got bit vibe.  When I just want a quick gloss, my go to is the Lip Shine in Bloom.  It’s soft, silky and shimmery I absolutely love it.  Like all of the RMS products, these are made from amazing oils, extracts and nutrient based ingredients that you know when you put them on, you are feeding your body and soul at the same time.

Sadly, the store I was purchasing my RMS has closed, but if you’re in the Charleston area, you can play with this amazing product at Aillea on King, Pink Dot on Meeting, Out of Hand and Stox and Co in Mount Pleasant.  They are global, so check out RMS to find a store near you or replenish your supplies online.

You know, I was going to share a few of my favorites in this post…but it seems I have a lot more to say about this than I thought, so I’m going to break this up into several less extensive posts and end here for now.  I know, you had an expectation, I did too.  But the glory in being me is I know if I try to force something it will not be as good as if I allow it the proper time to emerge.  All of these favorites of mine are important to me, I very much care about who they are, what they offer and their why … so I want each of them to have their own amazing story and space to shine in.  Hang on for the ride folks, I’m not in this to be like everyone else … I’m here to be me and to feature those who share the same desire to shine their glorious, beautiful purposeful selves.  

Until we meet again…“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.”  -James Arthur Baldwin