Eva Look XIII

Brooke Wilder; bWilder; Alchemy; Symbology; Slow Fashion

"Life is really love in action."

'A Little Lacey' Strap Dress

Relaxed Chic! Feeling a bit like pre-ball Cinderella? We hear ya girl. We know you won’t sacrifice style for comfort! Magic happens when you throw on our our lush Little Lacey dress. Scrumptious, comfy, elegance; like wearing a stylish hug all day.
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Slow Fashion Methodology

We strive always to do no harm. Ethically, ecologically, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Brooke Wilder lives in a regenerative, circular, flowing ecosystem.

"Zero Waste Is The Destination"

Botanically hand-dyed garments, compared to many other dying practices, can help to manage water waste and greatly reduce water consumption. In addition to being nontoxic, the practice is often helpful in some of our gardens and in natural spaces.