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“Imperfection is beauty,
madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Marilyn Monroe

From the blog

Check us out on the Wilder Side

Fashion, adventures, stories, events, books, health, beauty, life style…conscious conversations and more abound in our blog The Wilder Side.  Check out all the different sections, join our BrookeClub, get in on some conversations, submit up coming emerging artists and designers to be featured or send in pics of you in an exclusive Brooke Wilder looke and be among our beauties in Awestruck.

The Wilder Side is our place to share, to connect, to explore and to shift…come check it out…can’t wait to meet up!

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And the Adventures Begin…

January 3, 2019
Our first BrookeClub read is reportedly a mind twister...no better way to start out the new year than by exploring and traversing the terrain of the mind.  We will dive into Haruki Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of The World.   …


November 29, 2018
So, of course we have to have a book club as part of our Wilder experience.  Think of it as our version of Oprah's book club but geared for our Tribe.  Our range of books recommended will be…

Becoming Known…

November 28, 2018
In addition to our blog, in the past year Brooke Wilder produced two Charleston fashion events, Off Runway, for local, Southern, and eco conscious minded business', designers and artists.  Each event helped to raise funds and awareness for…

Shift What?

The shift?  What are you shifting?  For a long time, I thought I could shift people's minds, perspectives, ideologies…beliefs.  We live in a world where we "believe" life is full of fear, anger, violence, greed, power struggles, destruction,…

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