Eva Look XI

Brooke Wilder; bWilder; Alchemy; Symbology; Slow Fashion

"Wilder Ones are anything but basic and want a wardrobe that speaks to her core strengths."

'Americano' Tent Dress

Drama! Coming and going! Girl, you want easy, but you don’t want to sacrifice style over comfort. Natural fabrics, dramatic silhouettes mixed with romantic colors and patterns, our signature tent dress will quickly become your got-to for any occasion.
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Slow Fashion Methodology

We strive always to do no harm. Ethically, ecologically, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Brooke Wilder lives in a regenerative, circular, flowing ecosystem.

"Zero Waste Is The Destination"

Botanically hand-dyed garments, compared to many other dying practices, can help to manage water waste and greatly reduce water consumption. In addition to being nontoxic, the practice is often helpful in some of our gardens and in natural spaces.