Eva Look XV

Brooke Wilder; bWilder; Alchemy; Symbology; Slow Fashion

"Watch the heads turn, see her walk away, that swish, that sway, the little sashay..."

'Vida en Rosa' Hi-Slit Dress

Feminine Power Manifest!! At first blush, a Life in Pink is delicate, sensuous sometimes sweet. Yet the heart of this piece embodies your fearless, dramatic, alluring divine nature. Goddess, as above, so below!
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Slow Fashion Methodology

We strive always to do no harm. Ethically, ecologically, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Brooke Wilder lives in a regenerative, circular, flowing ecosystem.

"Zero Waste Is The Destination"

Botanically hand-dyed garments, compared to many other dying practices, can help to manage water waste and greatly reduce water consumption. In addition to being nontoxic, the practice is often helpful in some of our gardens and in natural spaces.