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Brooke Wilder; bWilder; Alchemy; Symbology; Slow Fashion

“I allow all these moments and there is far less struggle in the choices I make, because in my soul, even when I am not doing, I am still doing.”

'On the Line' Trapeze Top

Dreamy nostalgia with a modern twist! You are the trendsetter. Embody your natural, cool girl vibe in this romantic silk trapeze top and sail through the room with ease.

'Captains Pants' Casual Tux Pants

Captain, my captain! Take command of your fleet in these reimagined classics. Let our organic cotton trouser keep you cool whichever way your daily winds blow.

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    Slow Fashion Methodology

    We strive always to do no harm. Ethically, ecologically, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Brooke Wilder lives in a regenerative, circular, flowing ecosystem.

    "Zero Waste Is The Destination"

    Botanically hand-dyed garments, compared to many other dying practices, can help to manage water waste and greatly reduce water consumption. In addition to being nontoxic, the practice is often helpful in some of our gardens and in natural spaces.