Like most things in my life, this blog has gone through may revisions and iterations  Initially, I wanted it to be a full on lifestyle experience, everything from architecture to health and wellness.  Then it was only going to be about the brand, what we were doing, what we were offering, all the happenings behind the scenes and up and coming.  Next, all creative flow, musings and insights on all things feminine empowerment, growth and expansion.  I've got hundreds of ideas for posts and yet, I never sit down and write them.  Because finding a harmony and a flow, my own direction, conversation and what is REALLY important to me just never seemed important. 

When I was deciding whether or not to include The Wilder World blog on our new website, I did a bit of research.  It seemed to me blogs were becoming more and more obsolete as the world's attentions spans were proclaimed shorter and shorter.  Peoples are less interested in reading and more interested in snippets, catch phrases, video and images is what the world seemed to say.  What I found in my reading was this perception was not necessarily accurate that people still wanted a good blog BUT rather than a conversation or opinion, they wanted facts, just the facts.  All the links, all the information, all the resources and research linked into one document they could then dive into.  Because, well, truthfully, they don't have the time to do all the research, so this blog is now of value to them because it saves them time and effort. 

My initial response was sure, this makes sense.  I found many sample companies with blogs that did exactly this.  They found connections within the world and stories that related to or in the vein of their offering and put together these amazing articles of this is what, why and how and here are all the links, here's all the data, and this is how to find it.   I thought, wow, I could easily do this.   I began laying out all these important pieces I could write about feminine, about beauty, about sustainability, about all the things that matter to me and to this brands missions.  I've done years and years of research, so I started pulling up all the information and formulating plans, systems, ways of how it was going to look.

And then, a silent whisper blew in and said, "do you really want to give people the food or do you want to show them how you enjoy the food?"  Oh, wait, I'm I falling into people pleasing again?  Do I really want to do all this work, all this thinking, all this planning?  What is my why for this blog?  I firmly believe it is not for me to show anyone the way to anything.  For me, it has always been more about walking in the world and allowing others to come along my pathway with me.  Sure, I can do all the research and give you all the food, but what my why, what I really want to do is to share my stories, and let you determine if there is anything there for you..  This is the magic of the storytelling and parable, find your own truth in your own time and for your own making.  Then, go out and make new stories for others to glean from.

This blog is not about instructions, just the facts or a firm anything.  It is not about me showing how to live or why to live or what to think or why to think.  It is about my Wilder experiences, expressions and mindsets and those intertwined souls who walk into our Wilder World with their own unique perspectives and offerings. 

What I will share along the way are books I'm reading, things I love, thinks I learn or who I'm following, listening to, emulating or mentoring from.  I will share stories, insights and offerings for those in our Wilder World community making small and large impact into this miraculous world we are privileged to reside on.   One thing I know for sure is I know nothing (Socrates) and it is through relationship, community and communion I find my own synergy.
Think of The Wilder World as an on going dramatic, romantic anthology of a growing diverse cast of characters with Wild adventures in worlds you will soon become entranced in.   

Always ... bWilder

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