Patterns and habits.  It's a thing, right?  I mean, half the planet is talking about, study, engaging, questioning, understanding, arguing with, denying and ultimately healing, rewiring and harnessing trauma and/or wounds.  Half might be an over estimation, it could be an under, I guess it depends on that confounded observation bias.  But there is still a large part of the population unaware, still happily "asleep" watching football in Cheetos stained tees and a double tap EZ drinker strapped to their noggin.

Yeah, I know, not what you thought the topics would be here, AND the Truth is, this is all a part of the journey I/We (Gina & Brooke) are on in life as in the brand and our business.  So, here goes...

In our ongoing journey to well I-dentity, there has been a TON, and I mean, "literally", A TON of internal reflection.  I could lie and say it was all with a loving radical self responsibility...but that isn't completely true and well, we're trying to get beyond, trying to be more "WOKE".  Ha, trigger!!! LOL!!!  And really, I am rewriting the story for sure.

In all the process of remembering, finding, exploring wounds and traumas, many words came up which became obvious, distinctive triggers.  PS, to clarify, a trigger for me means something which needs looking at, acceptance, forgiveness and rewiring/rewriting.  For the I to be able to move beyond, in some cases, those words needed clarification or a complete rewrite.  For instance; struggle in my vocabulary is challenge, pain is pressure or growth, problem is project, progress is process and so on.  Habit and pattern were big ones, it took so much "work" so much effort-ing, so much time and resources to break habits, patterns.  It was not easy, AND with ease I finally found a way to redefine those as HMOS High Mynd Operating System (thank you @SVB and @HighMynds).

When I finally realized the amount of control, manipulation and stuck-ness those habits and patterns were creating, the idea of making new ones, even if they were "better" for the whole or more aligned, felt like I was creating more "work" in the future.  Sure, being conscious and aware is watching those things.  Internally though there is a wiring which says breaking those patterns and habits is going to hurt.  This then in turn causes the system to miss or dismiss when new ones have been adopted and/or neglected for too long.

With some new ways of playing the game,  I am able to flow effectively within HMOS finding other areas with words/constructs holding the system back from flourishing. Now, patterns get to remain something I absolutely love to play with; a gorgeous floral, pink stripes, black checks, Shibori, polka dots, graffiti...

And I might play around with intentional or persistent rituals, ways or paths.  But, as for the habits, well, we'll leave those to the Nuns.  

Throughout our journey together, on our new pathways and adventures, I will be harnessing this new HMOS even more.  As the vocabulary grows, shifts and reveals itself, the Wilder World blog will become our grimoire or source book of sorts, our ethos.  A big part of the WHY of the Brooke Wilder brand is about experience, expression and connection ... I think this is going to be a fun way to play with our evolution and to be able to share that story with you.

Making a new vocabulary is all kinds of fun.  We'd love to get your input.  What are some words you might like to rewire in your HMOS?  What are words you think of when you look into our Wilder World and Brooke's collections, experiences and expressions?

Until next time...

Always strive to bWilder!

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