There is a space I found within my being, quietly residing in between the seeming polarities of my inner worlds of fear and excitement.  Within this magical place a calm surety and knowing embraces your being in the middle of shifts and change.  As I witness my own inner journey and conversation, I realize when the “I” lets “go” (the meaning of ego), within this central space of being, essentially you have entered into the eye of the storm where peace and clarity are found.

From this vantage point you are center stage to a grand performance.   Chaos and order battle one another, shifting,  swirling, dueling for supremacy creating whatever is meant to be or become.    As dual rages on, two actors in my story became the leads in this wild drama.

These starring roles were not only written by, but also featured the same two major players running a great deal of my inner child’s operating system; excitement and fear.  Excitement is that little “I" in the candy store with a hand full of money.  Excitement entices with surges of adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin all promising surety, safety, the gold at the end of the rainbow, happiness, success.  Just like you in the candy store, excitement, unfettered, urges to push ahead, full steam, this is it, you’re ready…jump.  Consequences be damned. 

Fear, tied up with real or imagined memories, traumas, wounds, desires, losses, etc. pulls you back and forth, through over, under, around both the state of knowingness and the highs of excitement and often back again.  The interesting thing about fear, it creates chemical reactions in the body very much like excitement, making finding or residing in the eye even more challenging.  There is a high, a reward in both fear and excitement which creates a false safety zone in either keeping you constantly tethered outside the space of peace, clarity and true freedom.

There was a moment, I’m not even quite sure when, the eye, showed itself to me.  The feeling is quite indescribable, it is as if you are fully held and in union with ALL.  Finding this space more frequently has revealed the subtle ways “I” was actually trying to control.  Trying to fix “I”, to let go, to become, to change, to find, even to create, there is a denial of the perfection which already exists within the whole.  Saying the universe, God, life, mother nature, Fred, Goddess, has your back while at the same time denying the magic you (”I“) are and all the magic which surrounds us, embraces us and moves us through, in, out and around they eye of the storm.  That chaos is less than order, assumes some part of me is less than and well, that simply isn’t true.  Not for me, not for you.  There is not a too much, a less than, a broken, a fault, a crack that is not exactly perfect.  Less is perfect, more is perfect, all is perfect and nothing is perfect.  Even perfect is not perfect and completely perfect. 

 What this has lead me to is “I” is on the “go” with a new found clarity, path, peace and intentions within this space of divine possibility.  In my revelation’s, much has become, been remembered, is changing, growing, expanding, evolving not only for myself but also Brooke Wilder.  In the months to come, I will be gradually sharing and inviting you into our new world. 

Since December, an amazing team of creatives have been working diligently behind the scenes with The Wilder World to create some amazing new content for you to enjoy.  These pieces are a labor of love by all, and it shows in the results ...


Model:  Molly O'Connell - Video:  Nick Samuels

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We are still much in a state of flux, so I’m not quite sure how this is all gonna play out y’all, but for sure, it’s gonna be a Wilder kind of Ride. 

Thanks for listening! 

Always bWilder!

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