There were a couple significant figures in my life who said I don't finish things, no follow through.  In their estimation it was not necessarily a positive trait.  In fact, it was shameful and a down right character flaw requiring immediate rectifying through will power, discipline; a full on shift of character and mindset.  

For ages, this story of lack around other's ideals of finished, completed, endings, boundaries, limits, even death have created a profound tug of war within my system.  In order to be successful, code word = accepted, it looks a certain way, put together, organized, finished, disciplined, clean, precise, perfected.  And I have "tried" for so long to fit into this mold of finished, got my shit together, controlled, perfectionism which is actually a way of putting myself in a not self, self imposed box. 

When Brooke Wilder began, and for years now, I've tried to harness this concept of finished.  It has been a true CHALLENGE, which for some might not look a lot like success, at least the mainstream idea of it.  But the truth is, in the process of "trying" to be something else, I realized who I actually am and found my soul's genius.  And big shocker here, it is completely UNFINISHED.  

One of the most glorious aspects of existence is the unknown.  Nothing is truly ever finished, especially not us.  There is no real end, no real limit, just perceived ones we use to hold ourselves back.  I know, you're thinking, BS, there are definitive ends ... but are there?  Death, that's an end.  Is it?  I mean, are you dead?  Have you been dead?  I know people talk about coming back from it, but until you've done it, how will you, I, we ever know what is on the other side?!

The magic I create is in the spaces of flow, in the realm of unknown and unknowable, the unfinished, ever changing evolution.  When you walk into the studio or store you will find raw edges, (yes, it is a design feature I love), you will find unfinished hems, garments in process, some pieces momentarily forgotten, awaiting their rediscovery or next evolution.  In this state of unfinished, incomplete, slightly controlled chaos, my creative is allowed to move in a space more fluid with the fabrics, the colors, the designs and the beautiful souls who stumble into our spaces. 

My favorite thing in the world is projects galore.  It may not looked focused, it may look chaotic and unfinished, and I promise in the "end" it will be exactly what is was meant to be for exactly who it was meant for.   Our new tag finally came to light and encompasses this essence of this ideology:  Wildly Creative, Ethically Crafted and As Unique As You!

Being from a state of in-process allows me so much freedom, clarity, exploration, experience and expression, it is constant state of evolution, I mean, really, we all are ... and I'm not FINISHED yet, in the "end", I've got amazing follow through and dedication, it just doesn't look like the way it's been done before.  And that is in the end, my divine purpose, to be fully me in all the ways...which by the way, allows me the opportunity to provide you the space to be your divine purpose, of being uniquely you.

Always bWilder!

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